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MARAGUSA expects integrity from all of our employees, so that we are correct and consistent in all our actions and relationships with our stakeholders. Our values are the basis of our integrity.

Satisfied Customers
Safe Work Environment
Accomplished People
Quality in Everything We Do
Solidity and Security
Commitment to All Stakeholders
Profit as a Measure of Performance




• We encourage employees to be actively involved in their personal development and provides the environment and tools to foster employee development.
• We value the practice of delegating tasks to employees and teams.
• Involvement, participation, and full dedication are important characteristics of our work environment.
• We encourage all employees to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and feel personally responsible for results.


• The company's relationship with our employees is characterized by understanding, trust, and mutual commitment.
• We give absolute priority to direct, trusting relationships with our employees, and resort to third parties to resolve conflicts only when necessary.


• We provide and value an environment of transparency and freedom of expression in employee relations.


• We communicate information to our employees first. When we are legally required to disclose information to external publics, we communicate to other stakeholders and employees simultaneously.


• MARAGUSA growth and success depend directly on the development of our employees. All employees should be actively involved in their personal development, with the organization providing the tools and environment to foster their success.
• We understand that personal development is not limited to work and business activities. We also encourage civic responsibility in our communities.


• We respect our employees' privacy and do not disseminate information about them without their consent.

Hiring and Dismissal

• Our employees are the company's most important asset and our primary investment.
• Generally, we restrict the hiring of family members.
• Since it is a difficult process for both sides, dismissing an employee is treated with respect and dignity.


• We support people in such a way that their retirement is seen as a natural part of their working life and is prepared for and treated in a positive way.

• The retirement of an employee should not end the emotional and historical ties that we have with that person.


• We encourage constructive relationships with organizations that represent employers and employees, thus favoring the continual improvement of our workplace relations.
• Profit is vital for the company's survival and is a decisive factor in the socioeconomic development of the countries in which we operate: it generates jobs, taxes, and higher income for the workforce, reducing inequalities and increasing purchasing power and sharing of wealth.
• Frank dialogue, openness to various points of view and respect for each person's position characterize our approach to negotiations with our employees.


• Our compensation system aims to be challenging and to value individuals and teams, rewarding their performance and their specific contributions.

Workplace Health and Safety

• For the MARAGUSA, the individual as a whole is our first priority.
• We train our employees and require that they follow the MARAGUSA Health and Safety Policies.
• No emergency, production situation or result can justify jeopardizing our employees' safety.
• We provide our employees with appropriate installations, methods, and protection equipment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
• We adopt a preventive approach to drug and alcohol dependency, and provide resources and support for the employee's recovery.


Care and Zeal

• In their daily activities, our employees exercise the same care with the company's assets as they exercise with their own property.
• All employees always act in accordance with these Ethical Guidelines, whether they are working with internal or external clients.

Personal Conduct

• Our employees uphold standards of conduct that reflect their personal and professional integrity, in keeping with their ties with the company and the society.
• Our employees represent the company to the public and the press only when authorized to do so. They protect the company's reputation.

Conflict of Interests

• Employees carefully evaluate situations that may present conflicts of interest with the company, carrying out activities with company resources, assets, services or credits exclusively for the company's benefit.
• All employees inform their leaders when a particular situation may interfere or conflict with the company's interests, explaining its nature and extent.
• Employees only participate in external professional activities that will not harm the company and that do not involve the use of MARAGUSA's intellectual property.

Information Technology

• When using technology, our employees follow relevant legislation, ethics, integrity and community standards, abstaining from using unauthorized resources.
• All employees follow the company's Information Technology Security Policy when using technical resources.

Presents and Gifts

• Our employees do not make donations at the expense of the company. They do not give or accept any direct or indirect personal advantage from the exercise of their responsibilities, with the exception of gifts of negligible value. Such gifts are generally distributed for advertising purposes.


• Employees are loyal to the company. Regardless of whether it impacts company, our employees do not use privileged information about our commercial opportunities to benefit themselves or others.

Safety Policy

• All employees abide by the MARAGUSA Safety Policy.
• All employees take care of their own safety and that of their co-workers and team members.
• Our employees make an effort to identify unsafe tasks and take responsibility for ensuring that the problem is corrected.


• Our employees do not discuss the company's business, maintaining the confidentiality of all information that has not yet been announced publicly. They also protect information about customers, vendors and other third parties that they obtain as a result of their functions. They do not use confidential information to benefit themselves or other in any way.
• Information is an essential asset in the company's business process. Private information is only announced with the authorization of the Board. Every employee who has access to such information takes the necessary care not to disclose it, even involuntarily, to others (customers, suppliers, financial market, community, etc.).
• Our employees inform the company about their participation in business undertakings of any nature, whether as controlling or minority shareholder, with the exception of investments in publicly traded stock.



• We encourage lasting relationships built on mutual trust with our customers.
• We ensure that all contracts with our customers are fulfilled.
• Our contractors work according to the MARAGUSA Ethical Guidelines.
• We respect the rights of our customers and respect their priorities.
• We supply products and services that meet the needs of our customers, using procedures in keeping with the concepts and practices of Total Quality Management.
• All of the company's units have the responsibility for designing, manufacturing, and delivering quality products.


• Our employees seek to identify customers' priorities and, on the basis of this knowledge, strive to improve our customer service and the quality of our products and services.
• Our employees only make promises regarding delivery of products and services when they can be fulfilled.



• We encourage lasting relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers.
• We only contract competent suppliers that fulfill their legal obligations and conditions, working according to the standards governing their field.


• Employees should not contract private services from the company's suppliers.
• Employees involved in contracting of suppliers follow the company's current policies for this process.



• The company's commercial relationships with our competitors are based on ethical practices, always respecting the laws of the countries where we operate.

• The company believes in the principles of free market competition, respecting the culture and interests of each community in which we operate.


• Our employees respect the work of the employees of competing companies, refraining from acts that could harm the image of the competitors.



Social Responsibility

• We are committed to acting responsibly in the communities where we operate.
• Each of the company's units is an integral part of the community where it operates, and should encourage the development of responsible citizens within its area of influence.


• The company offers equal treatment to all stakeholders, and does not discriminate on the basis of age, nationality, gender, race, or philosophical, political or religious convictions.

Dignified Work

• We do not accept the exploitation of slave nor child labor, or any other form of degrading working conditions.

Volunteer Work

• We encourage and value the dedication of our employees who take part in volunteer work for the benefit of the community, either personally or as representatives of the company.


• Frank and open dialogue is characteristic of the company's communication process.
• We maintain open channels of communication that encourage the free expression of opinions, attitudes, and concerns on the part of our various stakeholders.
• All MARAGUSA contracts with individuals and organizations should contain a clause that ensures the confidentiality of all private information.


• We ensure the transparency of our business and the truthfulness of the information we provide, while maintaining confidentiality where appropriate.

Advertising and Publicity

• Our campaigns use only honest, socially acceptable content that is in keeping with community standards and free competition and meets legislative requirements.


Abuse of Power

• In their relationships with other stakeholders, our employees act without any abuse of power, including harassment and coercion of any kind, be it racial, sexual, political, or religious.

Respect for All Stakeholders

• When representing the company in any of our activities, our employees respect the diversity of religious, philosophical and political convictions, seeking to encourage stability in social relations.



Technology and Sustainable Development

• The company continually invests in state-of-the-art technology and team training and seeks partnerships with sectors of society that bring synergies to pig iron production, all with the purpose of advancing our policy of sustainable development.

Clear Goals for Protecting the Environment

• The company's actions are guided by our responsibility to protect the environment. We aim to:

- Protect the environment while seeking continuous improvement in our processes within a framework of sustainable development;
- Share responsibility for and commitment to the Environmental Management System with all employees;
- Ensure the environmentally sound performance of all processes, in an appropriate, ongoing manner;
- Meet the requirements of current environmental legislation in the various countries where we operate;
- Carefully plan to manage potential sources of air, water, and soil pollution, in keeping with the action plan defined by the Environmental Management System;
- Reduce, reuse, and recycle industrial wastes.


• Each employee carefully follows the action plan defined by the Environmental Management System.


MARAGUSA develops human resources management practices that are aimed at preparing professionals who are aware of their strategic importance to the company. These practices are guided by respect and by an emphasis on continued training and the overcoming of challenges.
The company's practices encourage the active participation of employees, the delegation of work duties, involvement and total dedication, development of an entrepreneurial spirit and the feeling of personal responsibility for results in an environment characterized by consistency between discourse and practice, transparency and freedom of expression.
The development of MARAGUSA leaders is supported by a leadership model designed to foster change through the management of people, promoting performance and attitudes in line with best global practices. For that, these professionals are trained in topics such as the MARAGUSA culture, self-knowledge, human resources management and coaching.

A safe work environment, one of the values of the MARAGUSA, is a top priority and is expressed in the company's commitment to the quality of life of its employees.



MARAGUSA´s sustainability is found not only in its business management, in the efficiency of its employees and in its protection of the environment. It also extends beyond the walls of its units, because business success walks hand-in-hand with the development of communities. It is for this reason that the MARAGUSA supports community initiatives in all of the countries where it operates. They are projects focused primarily on encouraging the diffusion of knowledge, which in turn maximizes the transforming capacity of people and generates an environment of growth near MARAGUSA´S operations.


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